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Over 30 issues must be handled in an average probate estate by the Personal Representative – Here are just a few of their typical questions and statements…

How do you start a probate? Where does the money for probate expenses come from? Where do I find what I need to handle probate problems? I have to do all this probate work all by myself? How do I take care of another house in probate? My probate house is in bad condition! What do I do with all the stuff in my probate house? I am in charge of this probate estate and my relatives are driving me crazy! Where do I turn to get help with probate! Do I get paid for all this probate work?

You probably have an attorney but the attorney handles the legal matters. You handle all the other matters, including coming up with the funds to pay the attorney. Attorney’s typically do not provide instruction and guidance on the day to day affairs of handling the estate. It’s not the attorney’s fault as the actual administration of the estate is not their expertise. Further, if they did all the various tasks of an executor, their time in the matter would be enormous and consequently the bill astronomical.

Sell Your House Fast In Macomb County, Michigan
A house is just one of the responsibilities of an executor but it is a complicated and expensive one

What could go wrong? Plenty…

What do I doOverwhelmedNo One To Help
Not Enough TimeWrong InsuranceVandalism
Family DisputesLiability
Too Much WorkSquattersTheft
Who Can I CallLost/Missing DocumentsMany More Issues
It doesn’t have to be this way

Our Team Can Help You Be Successful

Our team has evolved over time to include people and businesses who do the following: clean out, clean up, repairs, construction, appraisal, auctioning, insurance agents, bookkeeping, financial planning, accounting, cash buyers, listing realty agents, and even attorneys. We will discuss your questions and issues and referral you to someone reliable and trustworthy if you need it. You contact them yourself and decide if you want to hire them. You and them decide what you will pay them. We get no referral fee for sending you to what we like to call our teammates. Why do do this? One is that we honestly want your job to be easier and successful. The other reason is that we are a real estate company that lists houses for sale and sometimes the best deal for the property owner is for us or our cash buyers to buy the property directly. But there is absolutely no obligation for the estate to use us for their property or even to have any real estate. We will assist you regardless. We just hope you will keep us in mind.

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Disclosure: I am a real estate agent with Keller Williams Platinum who lists houses and I also buy and sell property personally and not as an agent.