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Whatever the situation with your house, the Property Solutions People at Fast Fair Offer.com, LLC can give you options. Often when we are in a difficult or confusing set of circumstances we develop a haze over us that may prevent us from exploring all options. Or, and this is often the case, we may not know all the options or know the right person to talk to about specific options. That’s where we, The Property Solutions People, LLC, come in.

Our members know practically everybody and have been involved in just about everything in their in many cases 20 year work in these fields. We have professionals who have counseled people in debt and completed bankruptcies to save homes or stop foreclosures. Realtors who have performed short sales or just regular sales to prevent foreclosures and preserve the homeowner’s credit score. Mortgage brokers who have refinanced qualified folks that were not able to save their current mortgage. Additionally, we have workers who clean up, clean out and/or repair homes for either sale or to hold onto. You talk with the person you need on your own and make compensation decisions directly with them, not with us.

The Property Solutions People, LLC gets absolutely nothing out of any of our discussions with you, recommendations and referrals. Why do we do it? Partly out of a public service to help coordinated people who need certain things with those who do that sort of work. But we admit, buying and selling real estate, is how all of us at the Property Solutions People, LLC and FastFairOffer.com, LLC, our sister company, put food on our family’s table and a roof over our head. We hope that should you want to sell any property, you just keep us in mind. No obligation. Our view is that if you volunteer and do good things for people, good things will come back to you. It’s always been our credo at our companies. Call/text us now and check us out!

For More Information on Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and Liens, see our information at: www.ForeclosureSolvedHere.com

For more information on Probate and Inherited houses, see our information at ProbateSolvedHere.com

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“… the house was sold for cash within two weeks!”

“My brother had a house in Warren that he lived in for many years. But when he got sick he needed to move in with me in Tennessee. He was so worried about what would happen to the house in Michigan. Because of his condition, we had to get him and get back to my house quickly – we couldn’t deal with the house. We didn’t know what to do. His house had old furniture and was cluttered that made listing the house impossible. It was just overwhelming! When I received a letter from Dawn Bowser indicating that she bought houses as-is and for cash, I called her and the house was sold for cash within two weeks! And we received a pretty good price at that! I don’t know how she did it – But I’m glad she was on my side! I would certainly recommend Dawn Bowser and her team at FastFairOffer.com, LLC to anyone needing to sell.”

– Betty Trombley, Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga, Tenn.

Oh my god, we were saved! When my job at the restaurant ended in March when the pandemic hit and we only had my wife’s, we stopped making our house payment. At first the bank said it would work with us, then 6 months later it came up with new payment details that we couldn’t afford. We got farther behind as the state eatery shutdown continued. A year later, March 26th was our auction day, I’ll never forget that date. I called Dawn Bowser March 19, just a week before the sale. I’ll never forget her reaction: Calm, reassuring and confident. It didn’t matter the sale was only 7 days away, she said “it would get sold on the market or her company would buy it before the sale to prevent a foreclosure from being on my credit.” And she did, sold and closed March 25th and I got money back? She’s amazing – plus a mortgage broker she referred me to said we can look for another house to buy! Matt Bauer, Frasier

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